Our fees are based on a number of factors, including the expertise of our lawyers, the time it takes to perform the services, the complexity of the matter, and the results achieved. We will provide you a schedule of our rates, and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate of fees after a scope of services has been identified.

Contingent fees give courtroom access to those who cannot afford litigation at the outset. These fees apply only in the event of a successful outcome, at which time they are paid out of the recovered amount. We will consider offering a contingent fee in certain personal injury, worker’s compensation, and other appropriate litigation.

For matters based on an hourly fee, we ordinarily request retainers from our clients. A retainer is a sum of money that we hold in a type of escrow account until fees are earned. On occasion, retainers are held for the last payment of a client’s bill. Itemized statements will be sent monthly, and payment within 30 days is expected.

For a consultation, call us at 603-886-5055, or contact us online.

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